TATA AIA Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Tata AIA (officially Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited) is a joint venture company, formed by Tata Sons and AIA Group Limited (AIA). Tata AIA Life combines Tata's position in India and AIA's presence as the largest, independent listed pan-Asia life insurance group in the world spanning 15 markets in Asia Pacific. Tata Sons holds a majority stake (74%) in the company and AIA holds 26% through an AIA Group company. Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited was licensed to operate in India on February 12, 2001 and started operations on April 1, 2001.

Various products offered by Tata AIA Life Insurance

Children Plans

  1. Tata AIA Life Starkid : Is a child endowment policy which provides for your child’s future needs like education or for marriage.
  2.  Tata AIA Life Assure Career Builder : Is a money back policy which provides funds for every step of your child’s future.
  3.  Tata AIA Life MahaLife Gold : Is a policy where you need to make premium payments only for the first 15 years. It gives an income and cover for life.
  4.  Tata AIA Life Assure Educare : Are endowment policies where the plan matures once your child turns 18 or 21 years depending upon which policy is taken.
  5. Tata AIA Life Assure 21 years Money Saver : This is a money back plan which gives you money at specified intervals.
  6. Tata AIA Life Assure 10 Years / 20 Years / 30 Years Security & Growth Plans : This is an endowment plan where in an unfortunate event of the death of the policyholder the family members are secured.
  7. Tata AIA Life Gyan Kosh - The plan has been designed to provide financial protection for children's education, marriage, providing funds for setting up a business and so on.

Protection Plans

  1. Tata AIA Suraksha Kosh : A non participating unit linked endowment insurance plan with inbuilt critical illness, surgical and accident benefits. These health and accident related benefits are available in various combinations and you can choose the one most suited to your needs.
  2. Maha Raksha Supreme :  a non-linked, non-participating Term Insurance plan that provides this required financial protection to your family. 
  3. Tata AIA Life Raksha : This is a term plan with a huge cover at a low cost.
  4. Tata AIA Life Life Plus : This plan gives you back your premiums in case the policyholder survives the policy term.
  5. Tata AIA iRaksha Supreme: a non linked non participating, term insurance plan. It’s designed to be your online pure term solution of choice that will ensure your peace of mind at a very attractive and easily affordable price.

Saving Plan

  1. Tata AIA MahaLife Supreme:Non-Linked Non-Participating Endowment Insurance Plan that enables you to plan both your savings outflow and the required regular annual income inflow along with the all important benefit of life insurance protection.
  2. Tata AIA Life MAHA Guarantee : It is a non-participating endowment plan, is one such plan that meets all your demands for a secured investment with a high life cover.
  3. Tata AIA Life Assure 10 Years / 20 Years / 30 Years Security & Growth Plans: This is an endowment plan where in an unfortunate event of the death of the policyholder the family members are secured.
  4. Tata AIA Life Assure Golden Years Plan : Is an endowment plan where you get death and maturity benefits.
  5. Tata AIA Life Assure 21 Year Money Saver : This savings plan gives you the cash payments at specified intervals to fund your family’s needs at critical milestones or support your financial obligations.
  6. Tata AIA Life ShubhLife : Is a plan where you get 100% cover and high returns on your investments.

Wealth Plan

  1. Tata AIA Life Invest Assure Flexi Supreme : This plan is a unit linked endowment insurance plan that provides you with ample flexibility to suit your needs and priorities and helps you to achieve your financial goals.
  2. Tata AIA Life Lakshya Supreme – It is a non-participating simplified issuance Unit Linked Endowment Insurance plan with enhanced features that provides you the dual benefit of investment and protection.
  3. Tata AIA Life Invest Assure Plus Supreme – It gives you the option of choosing your own investment strategy to suit your risk profile, besides providing protection to your loved ones.

Retirement Plan

  1. TATA AIA Life MAHA Life Gold : This unique policy is an ideal planning vehicle to fund your retirement. It provides a steady income and insurance coverage for life. 
  2.  Tata AIA Life Easy Retire : Is an immediate annuity plan, provides you monthly income post retirement.
  3. Tata AIA Life Assure Golden Years:  an endowment insurance policy of Tata AIG Life that offers security as well as stable returns to its policy subscribers.

Health Plan

  1. Tata AIA Life Suraksha Kosh: a non participating unit linked endowment insurance plan with inbuilt critical illness, surgical and accident benefits.
  2. Tata AIA Life Health First: a lump sum amount is guaranteed irrespective of the medical expenses that have been incurred by the insured.
  3. Tata AIA Life Health Protector: In this policy the insurance premium that is to be paid for keeping the policy in force remains stable for 5 years.
  4.  Tata AIA Life Health Investor : Is a plan where you get a lump sum amount if diagnosed for any of the 12 critical illnesses.
  5.  Tata AIA Life Hospi CashBack : In this plan you can claim for any unexpected hospitalization bills.

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