Postal Life Insurance Calculator

Postal Life Insurance is an insurance facility developed by government of India similar to that offered by other companies but with very low premiums & highest rate of interest.

Established in 1984, it is a very old & trustful scheme offered by government of India to pay money to the nominated person after the death of insured.

Eligible Person

It is open for employees of posts & telegraph department, all department of central and state government, nationalized banks, PSU’s.

Note- It is managed by department of posts under government of India and has grown enormously from very few policies in 1884 to 42.83 lakhs policies as on 31st march 2010.

Postal life Insurance Calculator

PLI calculator is a tool provided by government of India to calculate the amount of premium by checking insurance details of the policy holder such as date of policy, policy type, sum assured & date of birth.

This calculator or tool helps in generating the amount of premium needed to pay to continue the policy.

  • It is a better way to solve ambiguity in amount of premium and relaxes user.
  • It also shows your premium detail once you log in with your details.


PLI consists of various plans developed for the different categories of employees under government of India.

The seven types of plans are:

  1. Whole Life Assurance  (SURAKSHA)
  2. Convertible Whole Life Assurance (SUVIDHA)
  3. Endowment Assurance  (SANTOSH)
  4. Anticipated Endowment Assurance  (SUMANGAL)
  5. Joint Life Assurance  (YUGAL SURAKSHA)
  6. Scheme for Physically handicapped persons
  7. Children Policy

All the above plans are different with different criteria’s of minimum & maximum age, maximum sum assured, interest rate for loan, bonus rate as on 2008-2009 per thousand.



Type of Insurance Policy Rate of Bonus
(I) Whole Life Assurance (WLA) Rs. 65 per thousand sum assured
(II) Endowment Assurance (EA) Rs. 50 per thousand sum assured
(III) Anticipated Endowment Assurance Rs. 47 per thousand sum assured
(IV) Convertible Whole Life Policies Whole life bonus rate would be applicable but on conversion, endowment bonus rate will be applicable.





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